Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mike's 12 week before and after transformation

Hey, how are things? I'm Michael Honore from - a sports nutrition, training, and supplement website based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The slideshow is some images of me from a 90 day period last year. Over this time from 17th April 2006 through to 15th July 2006 I followed a few simple guidelines (outlined in my new E-book 'Hyper Burn').

Anyway, the reason I began is I get a kick out of everything training, nutrition, and (natural) supplements ;-) It's incredible what you can do with your body once you set your mind to it!

I also enjoy helping others reach physique and weight loss goals. So if I can be of help to you please send me an email anytime, or say G'day on my forum:


All the best,