Friday, March 20, 2009

3 Simple Steps To Six Pack Abs

By:Greg Gillespie

Before I lay out the 3 simple steps to achieving six pack abs, I would like to tell you a story about a guy who trained like crazy, did all sorts of sit ups, crunches and curls, medicine ball workouts, weight lifting, you name he did it, but you know what he never got his six pack and here is the reason why, he was going about it all wrong.
A lot of people are frustrated by not being able to get abdominal definition and I know how this feels as I personally struggled to achieve a nice six pack for years.
You know you are probably going to kick yourself when you finally see where this guy and most others go wrong in their vain attempts to chisel out that six pack. I know it hit me like a breath of fresh air when I suddenly saw the reason for most people's failure, including my own.
What IS The Truth About Six Pack Abs?
Bewildered, confused, searching for truth? If this is you, then I would like to say that it is not really your fault.

Let me explain.
The captains of industry know that they stand to make far more money from you if they sell you a half solution and not a complete cure. If they can get you halfway there, and still leave you in a state of frustration, then you will be more likely to come back at a later stage and buy their next offering, since your initial problem remains unsolved.
What I am talking about is the fitness industry ab wonder worker machines. They know very well how important physical fitness and good health is to many people, and they also know that once they establish a connection with a buying customer, their livelihood is going to be extended if they can sell you not one, not two but a seemingly endless supply of ab worker, ab lounge, ab kingwhatever products, knowing very well that the seat of the problem is not being dealt with, leaving you the purchaser wanting more and vulnerable for the next miracle cure.

Really It Is Not Your Fault
Let's be honest here, put your hand up (don't worry no one is looking) if you have caved into a late night infomercial of some kind and bought one of these products thinking that finally you had the answer to your lack of six pack definition?
Those deceptive commercials only show you professional models that have not used the products, or they show you customers who have used their product but only as a small part of an overall fitness campaign that really had little to do with the ab-whatever machine.
So what is the answer? What are the 3 simple steps to six pack heaven?
3 Simple Steps To Six Pack Abs

1. To achieve a six pack you need to remove the fat that hides your abdominal muscles, (we all have six packs they are just hidden).

2. You need to exercise your abdominal muscles in the correct way and at proper intervals to get definition once the fat is dealt with.

3. You need a system to help you achieve the above that will keep you motivated in your quest for abdominal definition that is going to be your guide for the rest of your life.

Now that doesn't sound that hard does it? You see, we are brain washed by these false advertisements that promise something that cannot be delivered.
You simply cannot get out what you don't put in.
If you don't put in the correct amount of nutrition, regular vigorous exercise and continue to adopt this as a lifestyle, then you cannot expect to get a nice six pack or proper health for that matter.
"Get Six Pack Abs In Six Seconds". Doesn't that sound ridiculous? Of course it does but we have been brain washed and really it is not your fault that you find yourself here today wondering just what to do about this problem.
Now you may have heard about a fitness trainer by the name of Mike Geary, he is the author and publisher of one of the best selling ebooks of all time, on the subject of six packs, called the "Truth About Abs". This book lays out the 3 steps above in a logical, no nonsense manner that is easy to follow. It is relatively inexpensive and just think how you will feel to have finally found a real solution to your six pack quest.

Apart from all the money you will not be spending on useless gimmicks, you will have the six pack you have always desired. So stop buying into the lies and start living the life you have always wanted, the truth is out there and it is time more people like yourself knew about it.