Sunday, March 1, 2009

Muscle Building Guide - Build Muscle Without Weights

BY Emma Bullock

Muscle mass is that amazing tissue that gives our body it's unique and beautiful form. It aides in our daily activity and keeps us going. When we talk about muscle building, we basically mean increasing the muscle mass of the body through exercises that place the muscles under stress and stimulate growth. This stress comes from lifting weights. The resulting muscle mass in stronger than before and also reduces the proportion of fat in our body. But is it possible to have muscle growth without lifting the weights? Let's delve into that topic.
The easiest, I mean ridiculously easiest way to build muscle mass, is if an individual starts taking steroids. Now this is also the most dangerous thing you could do to yourself. Steroid use has caused a great number of fatal health conditions, the top of these being death. But just to answer your question about whether you need weights to build muscle or not, I'm referring to that illegal practice. Even back when steroids were legal and weight trainers used them, they still lifted weights. The steroids made the body's response to the weight lifting routine abnormally fast, but without the weight lifting routine, even the steroids had nothing to build on. Such is the importance of weight lifting when it comes to muscle building.
Weight lifting may seem like a very difficult task to you, but this is probably because when you think weights, you remember the Olympic strength competitions. That is a sport for professional weight lifters. When people from different walks of life train and lift weight for fitness, they don't go for those hard gainer exercises. As an example, 50 year old Laura Bush, the First Lady of America lifts weight as part of her cardiovascular workout. She obviously isn't lifting weights to compete for the Olympic Gold Medal, but weight lifting she is. This is the point, there's a weight lifting regime for everyone. And not only does weight lifting build muscle, it also improves overall health and strengthens the immune system. The diet plan that you follow while you build muscle gives your body an abundant supply of nutrients. It also speeds up your metabolism and you have raised energy levels. If you're afraid that lifting weights may cause you injury, you should be happy to know that weight training actually reduces that chances that your muscles will sustain injury throughout your life. When you begin weight training, be sure that a professional trainer supervises you. You can begin easy workouts and use weight lifting machines that will balance the weights for you. Once you gain confidence and know how to develop proper form, you can switch to free weights. The stamina that your body will build up will in itself prompt you to carry on lifting.
Muscle building is an act of health. It's equally benefiting for men and women. But the only way to get the fruit of this health plant is to do it the right way. There is no healthy way to build muscle mass without lifting weights. Anyone who tells you otherwise, will probably have very 'otherwise' intentions. Before embarking on any weight lifting routine, make sure you consult your physician first.