Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tips To Build Big Muscle Fast

By:Juliana Breckinridge

Big Muscle
A good muscle building regime requires dedication, patience, perseverance and above all knowledge about the Dos and Don'ts of weight training. Not every intense workout will give you muscle mass, and having the wrong lifestyle when your weight training will not show you any results in the gym either.

Here are some tips that will make you lean and muscular;

1. Warm Up: performing warm up exercises before every workout increases the exercise output as well as your efficiency. It saves you from possible muscle injury as well. Warm up exercises after a workout help your muscles to relax and come to a normal state.

2. Rest: the fact that muscles need time to rest and grow is often ignored, which then shows up in underdeveloped muscles and unsatisfactory workout results. To ensure proper and speedy muscle growth, make sure your muscles get plenty of rest after a workout and make a daily routine that incorporates 8-10 hours of sleep.

3. Avoid Spot Reduction: spot reduction means when you try to burn fat from a certain body part through your workout. The fact behind spot reduction is that, before your body starts to loose fat from a specific area, it will loose fat overall. Before the fat burns off your stomach, it will be reduced from your overall body. So don't keep on working your abs and expect all the fat on your waistline to instantly disappear. It WILL take time.

4. Fat Doesn't Turn into Muscle: there's no way the fat in your body will turn into muscle. You can loose fat, change your body proportions to increase muscle mass but forget that fat will become muscle. Fat tissue and muscle tissue have an altogether different anatomy, chemical composition, function, etc. your body also needs a certain amount of fat to help in its normal functions. So fat is not the enemy, too much fat is.

5. Compound Exercises: for the best and fastest muscle growth, focus your body building workout on compound exercises. These exercises, such as bench presses and squats, work more than one muscle set, through more than one joint. They cause the maximum muscle contraction and give the greatest strength.

6. Don't Overtrain: the number one reason behind poor workout results and underdeveloped muscles is overtraining. Overtraining your muscles doesn't allow for proper recovery time and your muscles just keep getting weaker and weaker as a result of wear and tear. Never do more then 30 sets in total during any workout.

7. Don't Train Consecutive Days: never train the same set of muscles continuously day after day. Give at least a days' rest to your muscles between workouts and under no circumstances should you be training any muscle, even in a secondary position, for more than two days.

8. Eat 5-6 Meals a Day: try to eat five to six meals a day, after every three to four hours. This will keep your metabolism high and stop your body from storing fat. It will also help to heal muscles and grow muscle mass faster.

9. Protein Drink: take a protein drink right after your workout. This will give your body plenty of energy to heal and build muscles from