Sunday, April 19, 2009

Basic Muscle Building For Beginners

I've been muscle building for a couple of years and remembered how difficult it was to get started. After talking to some mates who were trying to get into muscle building i realised most beginners dont know where to start.- What excersises should i do? How do i get the techniques sorted? Should i get a program? How much can i lift? Is it possible to lose weight and gain muscle? How should i warm up? Why are my friends getting stronger faster than me?The list could go on for ever im sure but if you ask yourself theese questions then you should read on and i will try to give you an understanding and synopsis on the beginings of muscle building. I will also try to introduce you to some of the things I intend to help you with along the muscle building experience.

To begin with, you must understand their is a couple of different weight training approaches you can take for example, the muscle building approach and the strength building approach. The Muscle building approach will mean you focus on improving your muscle size as apposed to general strength. On the other hand stength building approaches will mean you intend on improving your strength instead of size. I will go through this more later, this is just people to catch them up.Before i explain further about muscle building you must understand how important saftey is. Dont do muscle building at home unless you have a lot of experience in weight lifting. To start with you will probably want to join a local gym and get experience. Make sure you always have a partner with you. It might be an idea to find a friend who might want to join you when weigt lifting and muscle building. Otherwise try to ensure there is supervision at the gym and if you have concerns, worries or questions, ask someone.

Their are probably hundreds of excercises for every muscle group when muscle building make sure you get the technique right. This will mean you get best results and stay safe. I'll go over technique later. For now i will try to list some of the more common excercises and also the muscles. Some excercises work more than just the muscle you intended to work (e.g chest press doing triceps) so try not to over work yourself.Sholders - Sholder Press, Incline Bench PressChest - Bench Press, Close Grip Bench Press, Fly Press, Incline Bench Press, Body DipsTriceps (arms) - Bench Press, Close Grip Bench Press, Body Dips, Tricep CurlBiceps (arms) - Bicep Curl, Chin Ups, RowsBack (high) - Chin Ups, Rows, Pull downBack (lower) - Squats, Dead lift, Pull downLegs - Squats, Leg curlI hope you may have learnt something already from Muscle Building. If not, please dont give up, more information is available at Muscle Building For Beginners. Good Luck.

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