Saturday, June 20, 2009

Androstene : A Better Look

Muscle World offers you state-of-the-art sports nutritional products backed by solid, real science. No glandulars, no trendy concoctions, no boron or deer antler -- just research proven sports nutrition. Our Muscle World Supplements page has more detailed information about each of our products. Plus we're happy to help you with additional information about how to get the best results from their use. Our current focus is on Androstenedione or Androstene.
FACT: Androstenedione has been shown in controlled studies to raise your body's testosterone levels by over 337%! This is very significant and highly desirable to the athlete looking to increase performance, add strength and increase muscle size. Basically, testosterone is the juice which fuels muscle growth and the more you have, the faster you'll grow.
When you increase your testosterone level, you increase your ability to build lean muscle mass and to recover. You also lower the catabolic effects that weight training has on muscle tissue. Quite simply, you get more results from your training.

And you get the results faster! Testosterone is one of the most potent anabolic substances known.
Why do you think steroids are so popular and effective?What is the Supplement Androstene?Androstene is a new supplement that is considered an "adrenal- androgen" (an androgen produced in the adrenal gland). It's a metabolite of DHEA and has some unique characteristics that make it the most effective testosterone booster known to date.
Androstene will help athletes with less than perfect genetics to build more size and power than previously possible and it will set a new standard in performance enhancement supplementation.
How Does Androstene Work?Androstene exerts its anabolic effect as a result of an enzyme conversion reaction in the liver.
When you use Androstene, an enzyme in the liver acts on the molecular structure of Androstenedione, and through this one reaction converts it almost completely to testosterone. This fact is important, as there are other substances, which convert to testosterone but also convert to estrogens as well.
Estrogens cause the secondary female characteristics which steroids are notorious for. Studies have even shown that a 100-milligram dose of Androstene does not appear to effect luteinizing hormone (LH) or folical stimulating hormone (FSH), therefore it will not suppress your body's natural testosterone production. This means when you stop using the supplement, there will not be a sudden drop in testosterone causing you to gain fat and lose muscle.
This is a real plus.Although further studies need to be performed to see if higher doses of Androstene will effect these two regulating hormones, up to 100 mg per day does not but it does increase testosterone levels over 300%.How Effective?The International Olympic Committee test checks the ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone (T/E).
This ratio is usually 2 or 3 to 1. However, the IOC allows for a ratio as high as 6 to 1. Anything over 6 to 1 is considered a positive for exogenous testosterone (steroid).You could take a 200 milligram injection of testosterone cypionate (commonly used steroid drug) and still maintain a testosterone / epitestosterone ratio of less than 6 to 1. A 100 mg dose of Androstene will result in a T/E ratio of over 13 to 1! These are real and powerful numbers.

To summarize, it looks extremely promising and early results are very impressive. However, there is no magic pill. As with any performance enhancing supplement, your results will still directly depend on what training program you follow. And you still must supply your muscles with the protein and other nutrients required for growth. Maximum muscle growth in the shortest amount of time requires attention to every aspect involved - training, mental approach, proper diet, and the right nutritional supplementation. Every detail is important.Androstene is certainly a supplement scientifically proven to enhance testosterone levels. If you're looking to put on muscle, strength and increase overall sports performance then you need to look at this supplement carefully.