Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Things You Must Know To Build Muscle

Are you one of the many people in this world who wants to build more muscle mass? If your goal for lifting weights is to change the way your body looks then in order to do that you need to add more muscle mass to your skeletal frame and if you want to do that there are some things you must know.These tips that I will give you are the things you must know in order to build massive amounts of muscle mass. It's more than likely that you are not following any of these principles or maybe you are just following one or two of them but no them all.
I know you might be worried about changing your routine but you normally don't need to do so, as implementing these tips only require a slight change and nothing drastic.So, what are these amazing tips that allow you to build massive amounts of muscle? They are:Make Sure That You Are Always Adding Weight To The BarIf there is one thing that you must be doing if you want to build more muscle mass it's adding more weight to the bar each workout. You will find that most people spend all their time playing around with things like exercise selection and rep and set schemes but they neglect the most important factor of muscle growth and that's increasing the amount of stress placed on the muscle by adding more weight to the bar.I just can't stress enough how important it is to make sure that you are adding weight to the bar each workout, as if you don't then you will not build muscle mass. There is just no way of getting around this, so just make sure you do it.I don't care if you just add 2.5 lbs to the bar each workout, just keep on lifting more and more weight each workout, sure you'll end up doing less reps but that doesn't matter, what we want here is growth and adding more weight to the bar each workout gets it.Don't Neglect The Aspect of Rest
One thing that many people who want to build muscle mass neglect to do is making sure that they take time off each week from working out. I know you want to spend loads of time in the gym however it's just not good for you as if you are lifting weights each day and not having any time off for rest then you will end up overtraining and you'll end up destroying your results.
I think you should take the time to remember that success in life only comes about when there is a healthy balance between work and rest and if you're not getting such a balance then you are not going to be getting the results you have the potential of getting.You should make sure then that you take at least one or two full days off from weight lifting each week, maybe even more if you happen to be someone who has a poor recovery system.Make Use of Advanced Principles When You're ReadyMany newbies to bodybuilding want to jump straight onto the advanced routines but they are not ready for them, so they don't end up getting results on them because they end up neglecting the basics and just pushing their bodies to hard.You should make sure then that you only move onto the more advanced principles when you are ready and your current workout routine isn't working for you anymore.
Some of you reading this will say they aren't ready for an advanced routine but in reality they are but they are under-estimating themselves and the thing is many people can handle far more intensity then they think they actually can but it's all about taking control of your mind as if you believe you can do it then you can.Make sure then that you are giving 110% to each workout you do and just never give up and push yourself hard and you will see results.Use a number of different rep and set systemsI said that adding more weight is important and it is however there are times when you just can't add even the smallest bit of weight and when that happens the best thing to push yourself is by switching up your set and rep scheme, it's the second best way to get growth in my opinion.Switching up your set and rep scheme from time to time will allow you to literally shock your muscles into growth as they are not used to what you are doing and this will eventually allow you to use more weight like you wanted to.
Also by switching your routine once in a while you end up boosting your interest level and it allows you to keep yourself motivated and help kill the boredom factor.Pay Attention To Your Nutrition Around The WorkoutOne of the most important tips I have for you when it comes to building massive muscles is to make sure that you pay attention to your nutritional intake around the workout period. The reason it's important to focus on your nutrition then is because that is the time when your muscles will be most ready to build up muscle mass and they will want all the nutrients you can give them.
Let me tell you that missing your pre and post workout drink is one of the biggest mistakes you can make if you want to build as much muscle as possible, so make sure you don't do it, as it's the most important thing you must be eating.So, make sure that you always get in a high quality source of protein combined with a fast digesting carbohydrate in order to force muscle growth.I've given you all you need to build massive amounts of muscle mass, so if you're current routine isn't working out for you then implement some of the advice I've given you so you can start to see results.